Due to influence of COVID-19, Voyage Childhouse has started to conduct the activities which were available at Voyage Childhouse via on-line.  Your child may participate in similar activities conducted at Voyage through on-line.  Activities include, English, Life-skills, Art, Math, and Music.

Each activity is 50 minutes long and it will be in a group of 4 to 5 children.

As an option, there is One on One Plan where it is conducted exclusively for your child to engage in the activities with a teacher.  There is also another plan called Buddies and Friends Plan where your child may participate in a program with his/her friends and buddies as a group.

One Free-trial per child available.


1. On-line Childcare program is available for children from 3 to 6 years of age.  Maximum number of children in one slot will be 5.  The staff will sort the group and decide on the activities.

2. One on One Plan program is available for children from 3 to 12 years of age.  The program will be decided in accord with the needs of the child.  If necessary, parents and guardians may consult with the staff at Voyage Childhouse in regards to the content of the program.  Support with school work and home work can also be a part of an activity.

3. Buddies and Friends Plan program is available for a group of 2 to 5 children in one slot.  The members of the group will be fixed at all times.  Maximum number of children in a group will be 5 but as long as the same children are registered for the same period, the number of children participating in every session may differ.

On-line Childcare and On-line After School Childcare Policy


1. The day(s) and time(s) of each slot for the programs for ALL Plans stated above will be fixed.  In a case where your child may not be able to participate in his/her fixed slot, a parent or a guardian of the child may cancel by notifying Voyage Childhouse by 12 noon the day before the day of the fixed slot.  Your child may make-up for the day missed to participate in an activity within a week from the day of cancellation (For example; if your child’s fixed slot is on Tuesday the child may participate in one of the activities {slots}available by the following Monday).  Please note that there will be times when an activity for a make-up MAY NOT be available.  Therefore, Voyage Childhouse encourages everyone to minimize the changes.

2. Changes with the teachers will be possible only if the teacher is available.

3. Activities will not be conducted on Holidays of the Philippines.  The slots for the activities missed due to holidays will be added on the fifth week.

4. Each payment will be made via Pay Pal for a period of four weeks of service.

5. There will be NO refund under any circumstances including, child’s short and long term absence and not being able to make-up a slot ( an activity).  Even in a case of unavoidable circumstances including, Act of God and or any influences from  natural hazards and disasters will also apply.

6. If one of the activities was not conducted due to the circumstances of Voyage Childhouse, it will be made-up in different time.

7.`Voyage Childhouse and its staff shall not be held responsible for any incidents, accidents, and damages (physical, psychological, and material) incurred from all activities in On-line childcare programs.  Please note that a parent or a guardian of the child ( children) will be held accountable for the said accidents and damages above.


On-line Childcare fee


A. On-line Group Childcare (50min/slot) 

   4 weeks (once a week)- PHP1,200 /child

   4 weeks (twice a week) -PHP2,000 /child

   4 weeks ( Mon- Fri, five times a week) -PHP3,200/child

  B.  One on One Plan (50min/slot)

    4 weeks (once a week) -PHP2,400 /child

    4 weeks (twice a week)- PHP4,000 /child

    4 weeks (Mon- Fri, five times a week)- PHP6,400/child

  C. Buddies and Friends Plan (50min/slot,  2 to 5 children/slot)

    4 weeks (once a week)-PHP 4,000/group

    4 weeks (twice a week)- PHP7,000 /group

    4 weeks (Mon- Fri, five times a week)-PHP12,000 /group

5% discount for already- members of Voyage  Childhouse for A&B


To apply, fill in and send the application form on the ONLINE ENROLLMENT page.

Make your payment via Pay Pal (credit card) after you receive an invoice from Voyage Childhouse.  Please make sure to read and confirm On-line Childcare and After school childcare policy.  It will be deemed valid and considered acknowledged and agreed on upon receiving payment for the service.

  *If you already have 10 hours ticket or 10 days ticket, please consult with the staff.  Upon confirming the expiration date , the ticket may be used for the On-line activities.