Childcare Center , After School Care

Authentic Childcare Center opening for the first time in IT Park, Cebu in 2018  and the location has moved out from IT Park to an area where it is merely 5 minute walk from IT Park in 2020. Under 8 years old Members of the Childhouse will not only receive childcare service but are eligible to participate in enticing activities which will help develop children’s academic skills, physical strength, and mental growth. Working Parents or any parents who would like their child to be involved in such activities or have their child become acquainted with English at early stage can join the Childhouse with ease. Also anyone interested in having their child experience Japanese culture and learn Japanese style manners and discipline can join the Childhouse. The Childhouse accepts children from one hour stay at the convenience of their parents. (NOTE: Under the influence of COVID-19, short time usage of the service for Non- members of the Childhouse is currently NOT IN AVAILABLE) As for the regular courses, they will be from Monday to Friday everyday for 2hours, 4hours, or even for 8hours. If a child is a regular course member, the child is able to participate in one of the activities everyday. And also children above 6 years and under 8 of age are encouraged to join the Childhouse as After School Care center during weekdays after school until 5 pm. Teachers and caretakers can assist the children do their homework.


For more details visit the Voyage Childhouse or inquire via telephone or email.